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Top 5 benefits of Self-learning by Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar

Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar

by Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar, Founder – Digital RCRT

The current pandemic has caused a shift in the education paradigm that has transitioned onto an online medium, it is no doubt that self-learning has now become a crucial tool to acquire and hone more skills to have better prospects and opportunities in life ahead than ever before. Here are Top 5 benefits of Self-learning that will inspire you to take that approach too!

  1. One of the major advantages of self-learning is that, it empowers students to take control over their own learning. When students have control over their learning, they become far more focused and invested. Self-learning is motivated by the desire from within which makes the learning enriching for them because they choose it. Self-learning makes you more intuitive; helps you assess your own progress and identify your improvement areas.
  2. Self-directed learning gives students the freedom to critically think, understand and work on the application of it all, in an effective manner than a system-centric based learning. It allows students to feel independent and understand concepts with a range of research both online and offline. Students learn and evaluate their learning with questions in their minds, giving birth to curiosities and endless possibilities. Students feel encouraged to monitor their comprehension when learning any new concepts or theories, they get to determine the important parts of the syllabus that would allow them to focus on specific inquiries and determine the direction of their course.
  1. Studies have proven that self-learning helps students utilise the maximum potential of their brain. Students enquire and apply different techniques to their learning that would allow them to grasp, understand and retain so they don’t feel overwhelmed with everything they need to do before exams arrive. 21st century techniques like the Rapid Comprehension and Review Technique (RCRT) is a way of learning that is scientifically designed to help students complete the entire year’s formal syllabus in two months and remember it for life. This offers students the boundless freedom to learn and grow beyond the standard syllabus of education while making optimum use of their brain’s potential.
  1. Self-learning allows each student to learn at their own pace. We are all different individuals and so are young students. Young minds are inquisitive but each one learns at their own pace which gets hindered in the setting of a classroom where students are required to be at par with their fellow classmates. Self-learning eliminates this expectation of students, each one feels empowered to learn and grasp knowledge in the way they feel comfortable. Everyone is gifted in their own ways, everybody learns differently. Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid.” Self-learning helps you discover your own abilities and ways that make each one us different from the other.
  1. If you think about it, self-learning is truly the new normal. With classrooms turning into virtual windows, students now have more time on their hands to invest in learning new things they wouldn’t have had the time or opportunity to, within the walls of their schools. A major advantage of self-learning is that it neither demands a specific location nor is it time-bounded. It gives students the hunger to know more; to dig deeper. They feel inspired to learn and explore a world beyond their constraints of their classrooms. As Mark Twain once remarked, “The best education happens outside the classroom”.

This article is written by Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar, Founder – Digital RCRT. Digital RCRT, an e-learning platform helping students to learn their syllabus in 30-45 days. Rapid comprehension and Review Technique (RCRT) is a dated technique enabling students with the potential to develop 100% memory. Digital RCRT is the brain-child of this young entrepreneur in this early 20s. The technique was originally developed by Late. Guruji Rishi Prabhakar (his father). Taking the concept ahead, Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar is digitizing the learning technique by making it available on the Digital RCRT platform.

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