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Top Female Scientists in India Who Made India proud with their Incredible contributions

Indian woman scientist

Since time immemorial, when we ask students to name a few scientists, their immediate reply would be about Isaac Newton, APJ Abdul Kalam, CV Raman, Albert Einstein. To name top female scientists in India, they revert to people who are in the service field or teaching profession. In specific research conducted in schools, when specifically asked to name a few female scientists, Marie Curie was on the tip of their tongue. 
The problem is not they aren’t enough Indian woman scientist but they are not well recognized or given a credit to their accomplishments. Here are few Indian female scientists who we need to be treated as a role model be proud of.

Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi (1865 – 1887)

Joshi was among the first Indian woman scientist, physician graduated in western medicine in the united states at the age of 19. She studied Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 18886. This was the first women’s programme globally. She was considered as India’s first female doctor.

Shobha Tole

Shobha Tole(born 1967), is an Indian woman scientist, neuroscientist, Principal and professor at the TIFR(Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), Mumbai. She discovered a master regulator gene which controls the development of the brain’s cortex hippocampus and amygdala. She received the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in 2010 and won many accolades. 

Darshan Ranganathan (1941-2001)

She has been recognized for her work in bio-organic chemistry and an eminent Indian woman scientist. Due to her excellence in the field of academics, she won the prestigious senior research scholarship of the Royal Commission which helped her significantly to conduct postdoctoral work at Imperial College London. She is well -known for her work in Supramolecular assemblies, chemical simulation, Molecular design, synthesis of nanotubes and functional hybrid peptides. 

Dr. Aditi Pant

Dr Aditi Pant is well-known for her Oceanographer and was the first women to travel Antatical region and set foot on the icy terrains. Familiar as the first Indian woman scientist who sought the Third expedition of the Antarctic region in 1983. For this region, she was honoured with Antartical Award. 

Kalpana Chawla (1962-2003)

She was well-known as the first American astronaut from the Indian origin who landed on the space. She first flew on a space shuttle Columbia in 1997. Her determined mind and hardworking nature has inspired the little girl’s world over and stood as a strong woman globally. 
India’s rich history has been repleted with many Indian woman scientist. They stood as a great example for the present day youth by bringing immense pride to the country. Among the above, they are other significant personalities who contributed their efforts in various disciplines of science and other fields.  

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