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Top Ten Emerging Jobs Profiles in India

Top Ten Emerging Jobs Profiles in India

LinkedIn, the Professional networking platform, has released a report identifying the top 10 emerging jobs in India. As per the LinkedIn report these are the fastest growing jobs that saw the largest growth in frequency, during the five-year period between 2013 and 2017.
The top 10 emerging job profiles in India, is given hereunder:
• Machine Learning Engineer
• Application Development Analyst
• Back End Developer
• Full Stack Engineer
• Data Scientist
• Customer Success Manager
• Digital Marketing Specialist
• Big Data Developer
• Sales Recruiter
• Python Developer
It is clear from the list that technology profiles dominate the sector, but what’s interesting is that these roles are no longer limited to just technology companies. Today, a diverse range of sectors, such as Banking and Retail, are generating a great demand for technology-based roles.
As per the report the role of ‘Machine Learning Engineer’ has seen a 43x rate of growth over the five-year period mentioned above, while the role of ‘Application Development Analyst’ has seen a growth rate of 32x over the same period.
It is also evident from the report that India’s indigenous tech talent has taken several global tech giants to success, and hence India’s top five emerging jobs orbit around technology and core technical skills across sectors.
According to LikedIn soft skills such as relationship building, and customer management are equally relevant for jobs of tomorrow, because the rise of the CSM as a top emerging job in Asia-Pacific is a key example of this trend.
With India set to see the youngest workforce in 2020, recruiters and CHROs will benefit by hiring based on skills, instead of previous job titles, and upskilling should be a focus for all organisations to make talent future-ready.

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