Change in perception needs to happen on the part of
parents, principals, teachers, students and society

The principal has a huge role in the student’s success. Positive atmosphere at school is a requisite. As a principal, one of my first structural changes was doubling up the single lessons.  If math is always taught by one lesson at a time, the old way to teach Math will continue. Teacher comes to classroom, finds out about homework, and teaches a new concept practice similar tasks and at the end of lesson get new homework.

This continues lesson after lessonlike a clock. When teachers have a double lesson, they are forced to rethink the whole math teaching in a new way. Now teacher will have enough time to many more possibilities for versatile lessons.

Role of parents

Many children are scared of math even before coming to school. They hear that the subject is difficult. Thanks to the eloquence of media, guardians and peers that stereotype about Mathematics is lodged early into the children’s mind.

Research shows negative opinions have bigger impact on children than we know.

Role of a teacher

Teachers can go for courses to update their knowledge. If possible, it would be good to send two teachers together so that they can swiftly disperse the knowledge to the other teachers. They can have learning cafes, where they discuss and practice new methods and develop new material together.

If students cannot involve mathematics into their daily lives, they might end up losing interest.  Teachers can change their attitudes, expand ideas and knowledge on how math can be learned with versatile methods and contents when they are guided by the principal.

Students don’t want to copy and repeat math formulas year after year. Students love challenges and problems related to their life and the world. Students want to discover and solve themselves, not always alone but also in pairs or with the group. They need to be active in their own learning.

How much math practice is needed?

Finland has the shortest school days with very little homework. Should a student practice math on a daily basis to have a liking towards it? No. If learning is made more interesting, there is no such need for daily practice. If we push them to practice daily with repetitive tasks, it will only deepen their dislike for mathematics.

If we push students to practice daily the repetitive tasks, it will only deepen their dislike for mathematics

Role of curriculum

If the curriculum is loaded, it does not support student learning.Teachers are coercively trying to cover all the content in their teaching. if we turn the entire teaching process mere into a preparation for regular exam, it would turn into a major stumbling-block.

Therefore, parents, principals, teachers, students and society need not demonize math.

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