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TWO more moons orbit the Earth, Scientists confirm | Latest Discovery


A debate stretched for more than 50 years was put to rest with a series of scientific proofs that validate the presence of 2 hidden dust moons that revolve around our planet!

These two moons are 9 times wider than the earth and are named after Kazimierz Kordylewski, the astronomer who was the first one to record a glimpse of these latent natural satellites back in 1961.

As per the Scientific reports and media statements, “the Kordylewski clouds are always changing. They might be stable in orbit and may have existed for millions of years, but the ingredients that make the clouds — the dust particles — are always getting swapped for others.”

According to the reports of detailed findings stated in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society:

  • Each Kordylewski moon is 15 by 10 degrees wide, or equal to 30 by 20 lunar disks in the night sky
  • Their actual size is about 65,000 by 45,000 miles
  • The dust ‘moons’ are huge but they are made of tiny dust particles that barely measure one micrometer across
  • When sunlight hits the dust particles, they glow very faintly, much like the zodiacal light we receive from the dust scattered in between planetary orbits
  • Since these satellite dust clouds emit an extremely faint light, they are very difficult to find amidst the starlight, sky glow, galactic light and zodiacal light in the sky though they are as close to us as the moon
  • The recent study revealing the existence of the two dust ‘moons’ used special polarizing filters on cameras to reveal the scattered light coming from the reflection of the individual dust particles in the clouds

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