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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Two separate examinations for mathematics in CBSE class X board exam 2020


It has recently been declared by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to conduct two separate examinations for mathematics in Class X Board Examinations 2020. The first paper will be on basic mathematics whereas the second paper will be on standard mathematics.

The option of choosing mathematics in the registration form will be provided by CBSE for class X CBSE Board Examination 2020. While filling the registration form the candidates will be required to select their choice of test.

If candidates choose basic mathematics then they will not be able to take up mathematics in class XI. While registering for CBSE Class X board examination in 2020, candidates must keep in mind that they can only appear for the paper they have opted for. He or she will have to appear for class X compartmental examinations to be held in 2020 if a student scores well in basic mathematics examination and chooses to pursue mathematics in class XI.

Only the difficulty level for both the exams will vary as the board has not changed the syllabus for basic and standard mathematics papers.

Latest circular of CBSE:

The students should mandatorily produce death certificates in case of the loss of their parents as per the new circular issued by CBSE to the heads of the schools. Students are also required to produce medical certificates in case of long leaves.

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