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Types of internships even class 10 students can do

Types of internships even class 10 students can do Image

Internships have seen a significant rise over the last few years. While they were initially meant for college students, with the expansion of awareness, internships are slowly gaining popularity among school students as young as X standard students. With constantly rising competition, they are eager to improve their credentials in order to stand out among their peers during college admissions as well as while th

ey are applying for a research project, an internship, or a job. However, when looking for internships, they often face rejections due to a lack in relevant skill-set for the job. It is understandable since school students aren’t taught any industry specific subject or skills until they reach class XI.

While they might face initial challenges, it is not impossible for them to grab a meaningful internship opportunity. There are a lot of internships that do not require them to have job-specific skills but only the soft skills they have developed so far. These skills might include basic MS Office and computer knowledge, language skills, communication and interpersonal skills. Now, the immediate question is, what kind of internships will be suitable for class 10 students? Well, to help you with this, we have enlisted 4 types of internships which they could do –

Volunteering – Internships with NGOs are constantly gaining popularity among students from different academic levels be it college or school. The reason behind this is that one doesn’t need to have job-specific or technical skills to volunteer for a social cause. It simply requires you to have a will to bring a change in the society for good. A volunteering internship experience gives you a sense of achievement and proves to be a valuable addition to your resume.

Content writing – For an internship in content writing, all one needs to have is good writing skills. An internship in content writing usually entails coming up with fresh and interesting ideas to write content on, researching thoroughly about the topics, and finally, writing pieces of creative content. These internships are the best way to go if you have a keen interest in writing and wish to polish your writing abilities.

Social media marketing – Since students are highly active on social media platforms nowadays, social media marketing internship is another interesting option for them. These internships usually require the students to come up with interesting ideas to create engaging posts for the company’s audience. Also, during these internships, students are often introduced to various other aspects of marketing like digital marketing and content marketing.

Sales and marketing – To grab an internship sales and marketing, a student needs to have good communication skills. The work responsibilities of a sales and marketing intern involves explaining about the company’s products and services to the prospective customers and convince them try and buy those. These internships help students improve their communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills.

Also, students can pursue these internships during their summer and winter vacations or they could simply opt for work from home or part time internships wherein they could work from the comfort of their home or only on weekends thus managing their studies along with the internship.

Courtesy: Sarvesh Agrawal is the founder and CEO of Internshala – an internship and trainings platform.

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