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Utah schools will serve meals during shut down: Coronavirus Impact


More than 2,00,000 students in Utah could suffer with hunger if schools close down because of Coronavirus. As per the officials, it is around one-third of the K-12 population in the state.

To address this, the Utah Board of Education has applied for four federal waivers that would help ensure the state could continue providing food during that time for children who rely on getting meals at school, officials report.

School Turn Online Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Worldwide cornovirus outbreak has forced sudden shut down of schools. Be it Denmark, Italy or China, school authorities are taking precautions.

Classrooms are conducted online by teachers. Students are video conferencing to learn their curriculum. Here, the deprived children stay unaided. Poor students and rural children have limited or no access to electronics or gadgets. For them, to join an online classroom is a distant dream.

On one hand their education suffers and on the other, they might struggle to arrange their basic survival needs. There are many children who are dependent on schools for a meal. A school closing down is a nightmare for them.

A teacher and basketball coach tweets:

Utah Schools Will Provide Meals To Students

While schools in Utah are still working, the governor has already declared a state of emergency to be proactive against the illness. Utah has confirmed two cases of individuals infected with coronavirus. Reports confirm that both the people are above 60 years of age.

Presently, the impact has spread in the community, but it is anticipated that it might soon affect Utah schools and workforce. “We hope we won’t have to use any of these waivers. But it is our obligation to make sure we can continue to serve our students should there be a coronavirus outbreak that forces school closures in Utah.” Sydnee Dickson, State Superintendent of Public instruction expressed in a media statement.

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