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Vice President Addresses 3rd Convocation in Vijayawada for the School of Planning & Architecture

The Vice President of India Shri M. Venakaiah Naidu addressed the 3rd Convocation of the School of Planning and Architecture in Vijayawada.

The Vice President of India Shri M. Venakaiah Naidu addressed the 3rd Convocation of the School of Planning and Architecture in Vijayawada. Also present with him were Shri E.S.L Narasimhan, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Shri Naka Ananda Babu, the Minister for Social Welfare and Empowerment, Andhra Pradesh and many other dignitaries.

In his speech, the Vice President highlighted the need to concentrate on building eco-friendly structures, and also advised the students to build and create urban facilities in rural areas. Shri Naidu also congratulated the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) for continuously working towards upholding the standards of SPA to be at par with the other premier institutes like the IITs and the NITs.

Further in his speech he said:                                                                         

“Dear sisters and brothers, the role of educational institutes of excellence, which shape young minds of our country in the disciplines of Architecture and Planning, is of immense value and significance. This is because the role of Architects and Planners in the 21st century is not limited to merely designing and giving shape to human settlements and buildings, they have to be innovative and creative to meet the requirements of a fast-changing world in which digital technologies are playing a pivotal role in shaping every aspect of life.

Today, the watchwords for everybody are environmental protection and sustainability. This is particularly important for professionals involved in designing new buildings. The need of the hour is to promote eco-friendly green buildings which use less water and optimize energy and take full advantage of digital technology to build ‘smart buildings’ with automated operations.

To address the phenomenon of rapid urbanization and moderate the effects of migration to urban areas, one must evolve ways to augment the infrastructure and facilities available in the rural and peri-urban areas. In the process of doing so, there is a need to amalgamate tradition and technology to improve the built environment and also work towards sustainable development.”

The Vice President further encouraged the students to work towards their personal development as well as contribute towards the economic growth of the country. He ended his speech by congratulating the graduates and them to sincerely and wholeheartedly contribute towards their profession and design happier and safer human settlements.

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