Well being is linked with the child’s school – Dr Kavita Khullar

Well being is linked with the child’s school
Dr Kavita Khullar

A child in classroom takes back home the experiences, learnings, impact and the life-force. Here, teachers are responsible to ignite a spark within that child and indirectly illuminate his respective community.

Simplification of thoughts and actions will help to justify Lao Tzu, who has rightly quoted ‘I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are our greatest treasures. ‘Let these simple treasures of life be our guiding light…’

‘We need to subdue our rising passion and soothe our anger by soft remonstrance.’

The human potential needs to be moulded and it is through a chain of change that this much awaited miracle can be created. The process needs to be initiated by empowering school leaders with the latest teaching – learning methods, wherein they need to shoulder the responsibility of changing the mindset of teachers for a more child centric approach.

The well being and happiness of a family is closely linked with the child’s school, if the teachers are able to generate that spark of joy in each child it gets transformed into a bundle of happiness which lands home and spreads well being in each house and the community. An innovative attitude of appreciating each child for his own unique character without comparing it with his peer would help in raising a generation, confident and happy in itself not peeping into others life to seek joy.

Raising individuals armed with the life skills will reflect leadership qualities in their formative years. The need of the hour is to look deep and look around to condition our thoughts and accept the changes with an open heart. Leadership skills developed during growing years prepare the child to accept challenges and tide over problems, become independent and take responsibility of their own career without depending on anyone.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) practices help the child to confront their ideas and resolve conflicts. In essence they learn to collaborate and communicate.

The role of technology at this juncture is very crucial and needs to be strictly monitored. Education needs to be made technology friendly and helpful in enhancing learning outcomes. If integrated in the right proportion it can help simplify complex ideas that might otherwise be a struggle to learn and teach. In fact technology has come as a boon, a saviour for students with special needs.

Early years of a child being the most sensitive and crucial years we need to nurture them with love and resilience. If introduced to positive vocabulary they will learn to feed their thoughts with creativity and learn to look beyond, look within and look deep.

Spiritualism in education would be an added flavour to education just like Physical education – it would be like a healthy soul residing in a healthy body. We need to nourish both to reap the desired learning outcome.

To build the world anew, we must attempt to raise the child’s moral stature, we must assist the students to rest a while in the inns of moral and spiritual, academic consciousness

To build the world anew and make it a safer place for the coming generations, we must attempt to raise the child’s moral stature, we must assist the students to rest a while in the inns of moral and spiritual, academic consciousness. It is imperative that we educate students to explore deeper and higher dimensions of human resources so they can successfully work for the fulfilment of their ideal dreams.

Parents and Educationists need to sail in the same boat together as they have the same goal of raising the futuristic generation, so parents need to trust the system and the system needs to uphold what is entrusted.

Google as the support system of all parents wherein they now find answers to all the questions raised by the generation which feels that they are born smarter can be oriented by the educationist.

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