What should your child do after school is over?

Childhood in general is not a child’s play anymore. Children need to be disciplined, focused, hard-working and ambitious to reach the goals they want to. But other than academics, they should invest their time in certain other things too. The top 11 things that children should do before getting caught up with their schoolwork are:

  1. Play Outside- Let your children out. Let them get some sun. Scientifically speaking, playing outside will only make your children’s metabolism go up and give them the much needed break children need from their regular school work.
  2. Talking to friends over the phone- Talking to their friends will only make them happier. It will also make them realize their immediate goals in life and where they stand with respect to one another.
  3. Paint- Every child has a creative side and nurturing this will only help children be multi-talented and be creative in general. Not every child is good at art instantaneously, but they should be allowed to try their hands on art. Who knows, maybe your child is the next Picasso?
  4. Spending time with Mom and Dad- It is important to instill in students the importance of the parents in one’s life and the moments they share together. Instead of making children go after material things, children should be taught the importance of relationships and why parents are so special. Every family should have a bonding session where they just communicate, laugh and share together.
  5. Spend time doing housework- All children should be taught housework. You may think your boy/girl is too young, but that is definitely not true. Children as young as 5 should be introduced to chores and housework. It will only make children more empathetic towards care providers and grow up with human values that will make this a better place for them or they can grow up to be messy adults.
  6. Connect with grand-parents- It’s important for children to spend time with their grandparents as it also helps older citizens cope up with the world. As people grow older, they often aren’t included in things and there becomes a huge gap in communication. Children prove to be excellent care givers and help older people deal with stress, anxiety and with the sense of loss.
  7. Sleep- Sleep is a crucial factor that is directly proportional to the well being and functioning of students. The better they sleep, the better they remember. Hence students are often asked to get a good night’s sleep before an exam. It restores brain function, and make students healthier and sharper.
  8. Connect with mother nature- Just like God, nature too works in mysterious ways, and nobody truly is able to estimate the wellness of nature. Nature cures all and gives the much needed refreshment that is required.
  9. Read story Books- It’s important to cultivate a passion for reading in students. So you should allow your child to discover new genres and not restrict them to the school syllabus. Our suggestion would be to allow children begin with fiction. The Famous Five or The Secret Seven are just so much fun.

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