When we feel good. We function well
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When we feel good. We function well

Arpit Tripathi School Counsellor Sunbeam School Lahartara, varanasi
Arpit Tripathi
School Counsellor
Sunbeam School Lahartara, varanasi

What is well- being?

–  Balance between emotions and thought with genuineness is known as well – being.

– It’s all about making sync between your health and mind. 

Why is it important to talk about well-being?

– To keep human beings on track and prevent them if deviating from normality.

-To fill the learning gaps in any stage of life as we learn on every stage of life and when we are not able to meet the expected demand of stages of life it affects our growth ( physical and mental both).

– For developing faith among humans on their own capacity while facing the adversity.

Why is it important specifically for students?

The earlier the exposure the better the development of that skill. Students are in the foundation stage of personality development so the more detailed information can lead fully functional personality.

– Our emotions affect our learning process so if they feel good they will perform well in academics too which is the major objective of any educational institution. For meeting this objective, we must put conscious effort to develop the concept of well-being. 

How to enhance well-being?

Let’s accept the fact that we all go through problems in life. It is natural to be upset or sad but it’s not healthy to maintain that emotions as it affects our learning potential and work productivity. For releasing these negative feelings, you must practice or pursue something which gives you sense of spontaneity without disturbing others e.g. –

  • General writing (to express feeling with privacy, to take a review where you were wrong and to measure your leaning process in life.
  • Taking short breaks between your schedules such as a walk, a call to old friend, just observing the natural beautiful places in your neighborhood you (mindfully experiencing the present moment).
  • Crack jokes on the kind of problem you face in life. It will uplift your mood and you can see and feel that it’s not only you who is experiencing this challenge.
  • Keep doors open for positive energy through reading, writing, listening and watching some positive content.
  • Every morning be thankful for everything good you have in your life. Gratitude is the best way to heal the wound given by life.
  • Don’t take any decision when you are in any extreme emotion.
  • Unless and until we shift our focus from problem to finding a real solution of the problem, we will never be able to come out of the same.
  • We will never be able to have a fresh breath in, if we don’t let the stale breath out.
  • Zooming in the problem will always make you feel your problem looking like a huge mountain because from a very close distance even the small lines of your palm can’t be seen clearly.

In short, don’t escape from the bad experiences in life, face them with full faith that you can overcome the challenging situation, and then only you will learn from your mistakes and can value happiness.

Remember- ‘When we feel good. We function well’.

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