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Samaresh Shah, Founder Director, White Canvas India

By Samaresh Shah, Founder Director, White Canvas India

One of the best skills of an Entrepreneur is the ability to question, by asking new questions new answers are found.

India has always been a country full of diversity and various types of skills nurture here starting from culinary to art, music to science and so on. Having such amazing talents and yet being so humble is the thing Indians have also been proud about. But in the rat race world we are living in today, people are coming up with something new every day. It’s a 2.0 version of world with every blink of the eye and we definitely can’t stay behind in it. Learning new skills or brushing up the skills we are already aware of and then converting these ideas into some product or services is called ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Entrepreneurship Skills are today called Survival Skills for Indian teenagers. Let us try to know which skills qualify as Survival Skills and why:

  • Creativity – This is the most important requisite .Walt Disney once said “All our dreams could come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. Well, add creativity to it as well. If you don’t have a mind bursting with ideas, you won’t survive much. Thinking OUT OF THE BOX will ensure sustainability.
  • Planning and Implementation –Once you are certain in your head what you want, you need a plan. Planning is important because it enables you to think of the ‘PROS & CONS’ at each step along the path and take appropriate actions accordingly. But it’s not just planning that would help you to reach the heights; execution plays a very crucial role too. If it’s all planning and no work, then the race is only half won and you won’t survive for long.
  • Management – What all you have planned for yourself will only be successful if you are able to manage the things properly. And there are certainly more than one aspect that needs to be managed i.e. time, employees, tasks etc.
  • Risk Taking – Taking risks is certainly a difficult task but not impossible for sure. Taking Educated Risk will certainly prove advantageous. Monotony kills. To remain competitive, one must have constant market credibility and that can be built by proving oneself. Taking risk of venturing in new fields or adding a X factor is always welcome.

How to become a Successful Teenage Entrepreneur

There are certain essential qualities a Teenage Entrepreneur must possess or develop in order to become a successful entrepreneur:

  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Having extra ordinary COMMUNICTION SKILLS will certainly carve a niche for an Entrepreneur. Be it Interpersonal communication skills or Intrapersonal communication skills, both must be polished. An integral part of communication is to understand the other person’s requirement and point of view. To LISTEN is extremely important and if you shuffle the words LISTEN you get the word SILENT which means when you are SILENT you can LISTEN to the other person in-depth. 
  • EXTROVERT – Extrovert basically means someone who’s outspoken and is confident when it comes to mingling with clients and making connections. This is a very important quality that needs to be present in a person planning on starting a business because if you are not able to communicate and convey your ideas and plans to others, it would end up being a disaster.
  • PATIENCE – A key to a good and booming business would be that the person in charge is patient under all the conditions. Staying calm in crisis is a quality to be achieved. Success and failure are two sides of a coin. Things sometimes follow a Sinusoidal Wave form , this when an Entrepreneur should hold strong, because when the graph is growing steadily not much needs to be done. Being patient under difficult conditions and staying calm will yield extremely positive results.
  • HARDWORK AND CONSISTENCY – This goes without saying that like ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, same applies to any business model. You will have to grapple through all the phases and not loose at any time, only then you will be able to reach the peak. Hard work and consistency in right direction are the trade qualities an entrepreneur should have.

Is Teenage the Right Age to Learn Entrepreneurial Skills

The right age to learn new skills and to have clear ideas, a non-cluttered mindset, about what career you actually want for yourself is ‘TEENAGE’.

Being young, you have the most creative mindset, the most time to learn new stuff, hone their skills and nourish the creative and innovative part of their brain. For example, be it cricketers like Virat Kohli or Sachin Tendulkar, or Purna Malavath, the youngest Indian female mountaineer, Suhas Gopinath, an Indian Entrepreneur, who took charge as CEO of a MNC at young age of 17 years or someone intellectual like ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’, the fields might vary but the thing that remains same is that “THEY STARTED EARLY” and had the right amount of time along with their passion and they are world known now.

When you get the right kind of environment, you start developing certain skills and your brain starts to work too, awakening the innovator in you and firing your brain with wonderful ideas.

Endless Advantages if a Teenager learns Entrepreneurial Skills:


In the present scenario, the employment rate and the rate at which people get jobs has reduced a lot both in public and private sector. Foreseeing that the future would be a lot more difficult and if you just keep following the conventional path of passing the 12th grade exams by the age of 17 years and graduating by 21 years of age and not even make an attempt to add value to your own self by learning any new skillset then how do you expect to stand out in a crowd? So being an entrepreneur could actually help you from the very beginning and if you start at the right age, by the time you pass out from a school or if you want graduate from any college you will have the right knowledge and perfect skills to build a business of your own. The government is taking keen interest in making people aware of these opportunities and help them with whatever they can like providing low EMI loans, giving them technology and all the other amenities required for the job. They also have various government schemes which could benefit the buzzing entrepreneurs.


It won’t just be you but so many other people involved with you who will get benefited from your knowledge and skills. If you grow your skills and suppose your mother wants to start a business of her own – be it a bakery or a boutique or even a tuition center, you will be able to use your skills to help her and grow her business. It would help your family financially (because even if you are already stable, a certain passive income won’t bite you) and also help you grow and by the time you cross your teens you could stand on your own and be successful and happy.


Nowadays, when you have so many options for a single thing, it’s important your product reaches the largest of audience it can possibly reach. With such competition, if one company comes up with a certain idea, the others too come up with something not entirely similar yet not entirely different as well. With so much growth of the online platforms, companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc are encouraging and promoting lots of small business owners and opening an easy path for entrepreneurs. With this, the local and small business owners are getting a huge customer base and a high-rate business while the sites are getting a huge range of products. Registration processes and documentations have been made a lot easier so that students, homemakers or even people from remote areas could start their business online and all you need is a smartphone and some creativity and talent.


If you choose to become an entrepreneur, the idea “APNE MARZI KE MALIK” will totally suit you. You don’t have to listen to your bosses because you will be your own boss; you have the freedom to make the changes which you think are for the best of your product.


Like with any other thing, business too has its ups and downs, but sticking through the lows and finding a way out of it actually leads you to success. ‘Launching JIO’ might be one of the biggest ventures of Reliance Industries but handling the highs and lows equally is what gave them the opportunity to learn from their failures and make it into a success. You can’t be a billionaire in a blink of an eye like you can’t hit a century every time you walk out on the crease even if you are Virat Kohli. Embracing your highs but most importantly learning from your lows/mistakes is what makes you successful.


As soon as you start thinking critically, you develop a sense of the surrounding very quickly which helps you to solve your problems quickly and come out with flying colors. Learning the art of entrepreneurship exposes you to numerous  challenges and forces you to think critically, analyze the situation efficiently and come out with the best possible results.


As soon as you make a career choice, it is very important that you like and embrace it and actually enjoy doing it. Be it drawing, dancing, yoga, writing or whatever that takes you to that corner of your brain which is filled with ideas and enables you to explore and look at the world a little differently. Making entrepreneurship as a career gives you this freedom to pursue your hobbies or do things of your choice and even make a living out of it.


Basically, it’s not that one job is better than the others; we are way past that mindset. Being good at something and doing it effortlessly is what’s the need of the hour. Trying entrepreneurship gives you that courage and confidence and makes you to think differently.

In Conclusion

The minds of teenagers are empty in a way to accept new things and accommodate more knowledge. Their minds are full of creativity, they are intrigued by every little thing they see, they are curious and ready to learn, their questions tend you to actually think about the little aspects of life you never gave a thought to, so why not put this to best use and transform them into the ‘HEREOS OF TOMORROW’. Give them a certain sense about the other ways they could lead their life and instill them with opportunities.

We won’t just be helping them, but the country as a whole by creating so many new opportunities for TEENAGERS.

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