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Wish to be the best at something? Enrol for an online training


Many a time we find ourselves in a situation where we wish to learn new skills but either finances or schedule acts as a hindrance and seldom are we able to accomplish our objective. However, there is a plausible solution to the problem; Online training.

To begin with, what is online training?

Unlike the conventional learning in a classroom, online training makes the content available for students digitally. Students can learn online, anywhere and anytime. Instead of physical copies of books, it uses visual content and gamification.

Given what it offers, online training is an effective way to enhance your skills or learn new skills. To help you understand how it can help you be the best, we have listed the different ways it can help contribute to your academic growth.

  1. Test and assignments:

An online training consists of various test and assignments along the duration of the course. They are designed in such a way that you can apply the knowledge learned after respective module and realize which areas you need to work on more.  They are usually designed in the form of games and quizzes thus breaking the monotony and making learning and evaluation fun.

  1. Projects:

After the completion of the training, it is essential to analyse how much you have learned and what better way than to do a project that could help you in realising that. A project would incorporate all the key areas of the topic therefore providing you with an opportunity to self- evaluate.  The learnings would also help you in solving problems at later stages.

  1. Get your doubts cleared:

Given that an online training is meant to help you learn new skills, it is normal that doubts might arise.  Students usually hesitate in asking questions in their college classrooms whereas in online learning, you are an anonymous user and your doubts, as frivolous, can be asked without any hesitation. It is essential to realize that learning is effective only if you have answers to all the questions you might have.

Although there has been an increase in the number of students opting for online training, there are students who still have qualms about the effectiveness of an online training. Students and parents wonder if it is value for money or if all the doubts will be answered or would they be losing out by not being in a classroom? Students find it difficult to imagine how the topics which are taught in the classrooms will be taught through online mediums. Students even worry about getting duped and because of these questions they stay away from opting for an online training.

The qualms you might have can easily be avoided after a thorough research of the platform offering the training. With millions of students graduating every year, it is essential to make yourself stand out from the rest. The competition among students in the quest to finding a relevant internship or a job is stiff and will get worse with time. To be the best at what you wish to do, it is essential to upskill yourself.

About the Author: Sarvesh Agrawal is the founder & CEO of Internshala, an internship and trainings platform (internshala.com)


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