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World’s First Wireless Underwater Wi-fi is all Hunky Dory

Underwater Wi-fi

Aquatic internet or underwater wi-fi capable of sharing data through light beams deep into the sea is all set to change the concept of the wireless macrocosm. Developed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, Aqua-fi or underwater internet

With underwater wi-fi, sea divers can effortlessly stream radio and digital light signals for easy communication. By the grace of underwater wi-fi, data transmission will take place from one computer to the other connected to a light detector. This light beam will carry multimedia messages such as photos and videos. Divers will be blessed by smooth footage and other multimedia files essential for communication. One of the boons of this invention is helping researchers examining the marine environment with ample amount of data!

For quick transmission of data, two methods have been selected—LEDs and lasers. Lasers will consume more power since it will be sending data over long distances, on the other hand, LEDs will be useful for short-distance communication at low-energy consumption.

The speed at which divers can send data is pretty awesome to start with. At 2.11 megabytes per second, complete transfer of wireless data is nothing short of a breakthrough.

However, the team is working to improve the quality of data and transmission range for streaming high-quality live videos over long distances. This will require a bunch of smart electronic components to solve.

Nonetheless, the world is now equipped with a cheap way of connecting the world of deep sea to the global internet. Bottom of the ocean is now a wi-fi hotspot—connecting divers miles below the ocean to the world above.

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