Year Long Celebration: Festive Season Starts at Xavier’s Institutes & Will Continue till December 2019

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It is an important year for all the three Xavier’s Institutes who share their campuses in south Mumbai. This is because both the St Xavier’s College as well as the St Xavier’s High School are at their 150th year of existence, and for the third institution which is the Xavier Institute of Communication it is their 50th year.

It is practically a yearlong celebration, because the festivities that started in June this year will continue till December of next year – 2019. All the merriment is to mark the milestones achieved by the three institutes.

“We have staggered the celebrations and planned the events in a way that they don’t overlap,” said Father Roy Pereira, vice-principal (academics) and in charge of the sesquicentennial celebrations for St Xavier’s College.

The celebration will kick off with sesquicentennial mass scheduled on December 29 and that will be followed by a series of other events incorporated and managed by all the streams. While speaking about the celebration Pereira also hinted on a new logo that would be assigned for the institutes.

In the beginning of the next year the celebrations will start with an alumni dinner, to mark the sesquicentennial jubilee celebrations. Post which from January up till June there will be a host of Conferences, Social Science Forum and classical music performances, the vice-principal of the college was quoted saying.

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