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Young Indian Entrepreneurs in Conversation with Brainfeed

Brainfeed in collaboration with The First Step speaks to Young Indian Entrepreneurs Vinusha MK, 10 YO Founder at Four Season Pastry, Chennai;  Nihal Tammana, 11 YO  Founder at Recycle My Battery, USA and R J T Kaushal Raj, a 16 YO MYLAT App Developer about their entrepreneurial journeys


Hasini: Please share the story behind Four Season Pastry

Vinusha: My journey started when I was 8. I was obsessed with baking videos but never tested my skills at baking. A year later, I baked a cake with my friends for my mother’s birthday. It was a revelation to me, and for the first time I discovered my love for baking! Later, I teamed up with my mother for few delicious baking hours. I was completely crazy about baking and I did not want to step back. That is when Four Seasons was born.


H: What is the concept behind your start-up Recycle My Battery?

Nihal: Recycle My Battery was launched in 2019. I was inspired by my father, and I remember repeatedly running to him and seeking permission to start my own organisation! When he agreed I talked about the idea of recycling batteries dumped around carelessly. Batteries end up in landfills where they explode dangerously toxin content. My organization aims to collect used batteries, recycle and assure a safe treatment of toxins and solid waste.


H: What was the idea behind MYLAT App?

Kaushal: As the Founder of MYLAT App, I think people who do personal accounting for small businesses and families could benefit from it. There was a necessity to streamline the process and help calculation from going wayward.  MYLAT has a user-friendly interface for the daily task of calculating expenses. MYLAT is free with over 10,000 downloads from 800 start-ups. The app is also targeted to the kids and tries to ingrain in them financial literacy from an early age.


H: What is the motto of Recycle My Battery?

N: I seek to bring awareness about the importance of recycling batteries and disposing them safely. I want to provide battery bins to people for two reasons—to cluster used batteries in one place and prevent them from openly discarding them.


H: Kaushal, What do you think about coding in schools?

K: Amazing. Coding is practically absent from Indian schools when compared to other countries. Once students are equipped with problem-solving skills, they will be prone towards ideating new things and turning them into reality. It trumpets good news for India’s thriving start-up culture on the merit of school students.

“I attended several entrepreneurial sessions with parents and voraciously read about entrepreneurship. It spurred within me the courage to come up with my own brand!”

H: Vinusha, any story behind the name ‘Four Seasons’?

V: I have an unbridled love for seasons. So, I bake season themed cupcakes. The recipes are bestsellers and I am glad to announce that Four Seasons has now stepped into its second year. With little funding, I have been managing quite well.

Looking back, I am thankful to my internships at five-star hotels and cafes which helped me with hands-on experience in baking. I attended several entrepreneurial sessions with parents and voraciously read about entrepreneurship. It spurred within me the courage to come up with my own brand! That is my entrepreneurial story J

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