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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Zooms Zeroes on India as a Profitable Market, Launches ‘Zoom for Education’

Zoom for Education

In India, the COVID-19 onslaught has accelerated the growth of online education and US-based Zoom has witnessed a steady rise in user login. The demand has prompted a quick upgrade of Zoom operation and subsequent launch of ‘Zoom for Education’ initiative.  Aparna Bawa, Chief Opeartion Officer (COO) of Zoom declared India as a thriving and important market for Zoom which is why it has removed the cap on online classes from the free accounts of schools. Previously, every session had a 40-minute time limit.

“In March, we lifted the 40-minute time limit for free basic accounts for K-12 schools in India. Globally, we are committed to providing more tools and resources for educators. India is an important market, but our products and offerings are consistent across the world,” said Bawa.

The company plans to launch a new centre in Bengaluru, India, an innovation hub that will focus on drawing talent extensively from India.

To ensure education is not disrupted amidst the pandemic, the company has been working on its security policies and more classroom-oriented features such as the new waiting room feature for students who are joining late in a virtual class. The updated version of Zoom comes equipped with “As256 bit GCM encryption” feature that permits host and co-host to scrutinize security features.

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